We're obsessed with all things Healthy beautiful for the whole body. Not that it comes as a big surprise to anyone. We can be pretty picky about our products and I know finding that perfect foundation is worse than choosing a cupcake or donut  flavor. So we've  compiled our favorites. Whether you're looking for cosmetics, hair products or skincare products we've got you covered.

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Eleven Australia

Australian made haircare! PETA, recyclable packaging and paraben free, gluten free products. Miracle Hair treatment was their very first product and its amazing!!!

I want body

smooth me now

deep clean

keep my colour purple shampoo/conditioner

hydrate my hair

miracle hair treatment

styling products



Lanza Healing Haircare

L’ANZA believes that haircare is not just about keeping hair beautiful and healthy, but also keeping Earth beautiful and healthy as well. free from sulfates, uv, uva,uvb,uvc and chloride free. wildcrafted botanical, ecofriendly packaging, PLUS the hairsprays are clean air formula with no VOC's . 

nourish line for thinning hair

color guard

healing oil



We love our Men

Beverly Hills is anti-diversion. at J Beverly Hills, we recognize the importance of exclusive, non-diverted products that develop the businesses and careers of our clients. that's why you will not find any of our products online on our website or retail store shelves. we simply refuse to divert because we know that it would be at the cost of our loyal salons and network

Moisture shampoo /conditioner

thickening shampoo

glue/ strong hold gel/ texturizing cream

pucks= molding putty/ molding pomade /shaper/pomafloge...grey blending!

Beauty and Skin Care


Farm House Fresh

fhf 2.jpg

Farm House Fresh is an amazing product line from Austin Texas. It is all natural , paraben, sulfate free, vegan, and gluten free. We carry a variety of FHF products at the studio.

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